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Joining WBBASSC World Community
To become a lifetime member of the WBBASSC World Community, I recognize the importance of prioritizing my natural health as a human being.
I am open to participating in the governance model of the WBBASSC New Advanced Natural Economy by exercising my freedom to vote for the betterment of humankind's civilization.
I understand that the WBBASSC (WBBAS Supply Chain) program aims to develop a New Advanced Natural Economy for human civilization. This program seeks to enable humans to permanently and sustainably live from nature, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and science on the WBBASSC permanent platform. WBBASSC will strive to serve every individual from nature throughout their lifetime through compassionate and sensible governance.
Therefore, I aspire to join the WBBASSC World Community to support and promote Suresh Joachim's vision for mankind's civilization.